Here’s a horse racing trivia question. Who has won the most horse races? The answer is, gcashtowin Chicanery. Chicanery is defined as trickery for financial gain. Does that sound like anything you’ve ever witnessed or noticed at the horse races?

Then the obvious conclusion from this observation is, gcash2win if you are looking for a good bet when you go to the horse races, if you want a guaranteed winner, you just can’t beat Chicanery. On any given day at any given race track there is one thing you can be sure of. Someone is trying to pull a fast one and to cash some win tickets by deceiving the public.

With that much cash changing hands based on human performance, Classy Web Directory you know someone is going to pull something to get an advantage. The question is, how do you spot them? The first point to understand is that they aren’t going to be real obvious about it. It isn’t called trickery for nothing.

The trainer with Chicanery in the barn is going to make it look like that old nag couldn’t win a race Hi5Biz Directory if it was the only thing keeping it from the glue factory. That doesn’t mean you should pick the worse horse in the program and bet on it, but it does mean you should look at horses that appear incapable of winning and ask yourself why they are racing.

A closer look at the barn may reveal that they occasionally win with longshots. That combination should be a tip off that there is a possible longshot winner right under your nose. Simple question here, what does a long shot trainer need in order to win with a long shot? The answer, of course, Business Honors Directory is a long shot.

That doesn’t mean you should bet every horse he has running at long odds, but you should take a very close look to see if the horse ever won at that level before. If the answer is, yes, then the runner may possibly do it again. Many people try to make money from trainer patterns that are established by big name trainers. Successful and big name trainers are the worst bets in horse racing. Business Listings

They establish patterns that are common knowledge and then bettors try to make a profit with them. You may cash plenty of tickets on them, Web Directory but you won’t make a profit. You need to find the trainer who uses chicanery and makes you think his horse can’t win and then does win. Web Triber Directory