Although surveys can be conducted by phone, direct mail, at point of purchase, mostori and on social networks; these days, surveys are a no-brainer with online services, may free ones, such as surveymonkey, constant contact, and zoomerang. You input questions and create answers easily with multiple question types available and then monitor the responses in real time. The survey can be easily customized to match your company image. Email surveys enable you to segment lists and send out as many or as few as you wish. You can even send them out via social networks and then see real time results.

What are the benefits?

Most of the time when a customer is dissatisfied, they make like a tree and leave and you never hear from them again. Surveys are a way to learn what may be wrong and enables you to correct it and improve overall customer satisfaction. You can make sure that mistake isn’t repeated or improve what is lacking or unsatisfactory.

Studies show that even a 5% increase in customer retention rate results in 25-95% increase in profits – depending on the business. When customers are happy, they return, nuff’ said, but here’s more:

– Your customers get an opportunity to think and talk about what you do for them, which underscores and articulates your value.

– Small annoyances are aired and don’t snowball into the kind of problems that erode relationships.

– You get a chance to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

– Cost effective and efficient.

Do it right:

– Brand it – Include your logo and overall company colors or look so it reflects your image. Include a short cover letter explaining what the purpose of the survey is, why they have been chosen, akunprothailand and how much you appreciate their input. It is not necessary, but always nice to reward the survey answerer with a coupon or incentive of some sort and it improves response rates.

– Targeting – What are your objectives? To find out what your current customers likes and dislikes are, to survey former customers to find out why they didn’t return, or to survey the non-customer to try and win new business? Make sure you match up the right prospect list with the right questions to ensure the highest response rate and most useful feedback.

– Ask the right Questions – When crafting your survey, make sure your questions require answers that will give you tangible ammunition to make changes. For ex: Ask what brands they would like to see carried in your store. If enough people are asking for the same brand, you might want to consider carrying it! For more info please visit these sites:-

– Follow up – with a thank you note acknowledging your appreciation for their efforts and time and assurance, “we heard your concerns and are making changes.

Remember, there is a good side to bad news. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback as it will give you an opportunity to improve your business and keep customers coming back!

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