Alcides and Tatiana live on a catamaran. They sold their apartment in São Paulo, and exchanged the stressful Brazilian-megacity-life for the peace and quiet of the Caribbean. Tatiana: ‘I had never ever done something so crazy. I was IT-manager and on top of my career.’ Alcides: ‘During the first year we completely lived beyond our comfort zones. When we boarded our boat for the first time we were looking at all these ropes thinking, oh my God, what are we doing? We never sailed a boat this size before.’

Tatiana: ‘We were so fed up with all the stress and never-ending traffic jams, we felt we were wasting our lives. We took up a course in reflection and learned how to be in charge of our own lives. Setting goals, imagining situations in the future. At a certain point we realized we have everything we need inside. That’s all it took to make up our minds. We entered a fabulous flow and everything worked out for the better. mykindredlife

Alcides: ‘I had been dreaming of a life like this for years. At 21 I made my first diving trip at the British Virgin Islands. That’s when I started dreaming about sailing the world. On return I started working for a travel agency and taking groups to the Red Sea and the Caribbean. Fifteen years ago Tatiana was a passenger in one of those groups.’

Tatiana: ‘Alcides used to say, one day we’ll be living on a boat. And I would say, sim amor, and go on with business as usual. I knew I wanted things to change, but I didn’t know how. Not until we spent a non-stop period of twenty days on a boat in the Solomon Islands and Australia in 2009. That’s when I felt, yeah, this is how I want my life to be.’

Step by step
‘In the beginning I had a list of fears; how to make a living, how to navigate, what boat to buy… We feel much more confident now. Whatever problems we meet, we know we can solve them.’ Alcides: ‘Our first trip on this catamaran we took at the British Virgin Islands in 2011. Although we had a full week’s instruction, once we were on our own we felt completely at the mercy of things much bigger than us.

We take it step by step, learning more each trip. When we had our first storm we didn’t know what to do or how the boat would react. Tatiana was so scared, she went inside to pray!’

Tatiana: ‘In Sao Paulo we lived in the same apartment for 12 years and we didn’t know the names of any of our neighbors. Now we’re constantly making new friends. Life has become unbelievably easy. There are lots of people living like us, you know. Borders have somehow completely disappeared. No one cares about clothes, what you look like, where you come from… When someone has a problem, we help each other.’ diagnozujmy

Alcides: ‘Life on a boat is more expensive than we’d expected. We have to be very creative in finding ways of making enough money for a comfortable lifestyle. We’re working on four different projects. We produce digital content for promotional use, like a 50-minute video on Bonaire for the Bonaire Tourism Board. We deliver content for the Brazilian diving magazine Mergulho; writing articles, selling ads and producing underwater videos. In return the magazine supports our Ocean Alive project – Oceano Vivo – with a monthly fee.’

Oceano Vivo
Tatiana: ‘Main goal of Oceano Vivo is initiating and promoting environmental initiatives, like revegetating coral reefs. We lecture on the project as well. Last April we did so during the PADI Festival in Sao Paulo and a boat show in Rio de Janeiro. Next year we’ll visit Angola where we’ve been invited to lecture at a public school.’

‘In the meantime we’re looking for sponsors to create an educational project for private and public schools about marine life and sustainability. The program will include 3D videos and real time exchange of experiences.’

‘And last but not least we offer people an opportunity to experience the life on board. We have already hosted three families, one week each, all of them dreaming about sailing the world and leading this kind of life. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had, sharing our life and thoughts with people who have the same dream. In January we’ll have more families aboard.’

Alcides: ‘My two boys were totally okay, but my daughter didn’t believe me at first when I told her about our plans. She is 21, and we are very close. We don’t see each other as often as we used to, but the quality time cannot be surpassed. My daughter spent seven whole weeks with us last year, and two more last February. Tatiana: ‘Even if I count the hours I think we spend more time with our families then we did before.’