Excellent Leadership Qualities

Possessing excellent leadership qualities are what separate the Entrepreneurs who are considered to be “the Best” from those Entrepreneurs only considered to be “Good.” Whether they have a home based business, make money Online, or have a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the Best know WHY they do what they do, WHY it’s crucial to play the “game” to WIN, and they realize WHY people all around them are looking for “the Best” to lead them to victory…no matter the challenges! sokaworld

Just take a quick look at what TCU (Texas Christian University) did to Wisconsin to win 21-19 at The Rose Bowl!


The Rose Bowl was claimed by TCU, two-point winners over Wisconsin, after the Badgers failed to convert a two-point conversion in the closing minutes. — By Todd Boldizsar (Oregon State Featured Columnist)


What an upset for the Badgers!

Private school,TCU, has around 9,000 students and Wisconsin has around 49,000 students. A huge difference in sizes! Yet, on the football field, TCU outranked Wisconsin in presenting excellent leadership qualities, skills, and guidance. kinmagazine

TCU “showed up” to WIN!

In the scope of leadership qualities and servant-leadership, quarterback Andy Daltin, kept the faith and led his TCU team, not only to victory, but also from victory. TCU had already envisioned wining The Rose Bowl match up! businesschamp

The same winning attitude, servant-leadership, and display of excellent leadership qualities are needed for a Top Producing Entrepreneur who desires to lead. People are looking for Entrepreneurs who will stand up for what they believe in…to lead from the heart and from compassion! businesssalt

Quality Leaders Give More Than Receive and Aren’t Afraid

Passionate Entrepreneurs who exemplify excellent leadership qualities are Those Who Lead and Give first, then receive. Winners also give more than the receive. Quality Entrepreneurs know HOW to become cheerful givers and HOW to become an example of inspiration and a people of excellence.

In light of TCU’s example, Those Who Follow look for men and women leaders who are not afraid to:


  • Articulate and Stand By Their Beliefs and Convictions
  • Communicate and Live Out Their Integrity
  • Dedicate Their Lives With Boldness For the Truth
  • Encourage Positive Attitudes and Action
  • Remain Positive and Strong in Midst of Opposition
  • Simply Suck-Up Their Pride To Admit When They’re Wrong


A Global Need For Honest Leadership

In this day and age of Online marketing scams and lack of honest and integrity in business, an incredible need exist! It’s a global need! People seek truthful, honest leadership! People will not mind following honest leadership IF they knew they could TRUST a winning Entrepreneur to lead them. For more info please visit these sites:- https://mibabyshower.org/

TCU’s Team TRUSTED Andy Daltin To Lead Them To Win!

People will not take issue with Those Who Lead from the heart because they realize that these led-by-the-heart Entrepreneurs are “looking out” for the best interest of those following them.

If you want to develop excellent leadership qualities, then you must:

  1. Imagine Yourself As Someone Who Lead
  2. Know WHY you Exist and Do What You Do
  3. Learn To Apply and Leverage Necessary Skills For Servant-Leadership
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice What’s Right to Develop Leadership Qualities
  5. Strengthen Self-Mastery, Taking Action, and Building Positive Relationships


Do you “see” yourself as Someone Who Leads? If so, and people are following you, do you know WHY they follow you? What can you do to develop excellent leadership qualities in order to become a better servant-leader this year?

When you have discovered the answers to these questions and how to apply these truths I have mentioned, you will then begin to become Someone Who Leads. Because of the Law of Attraction, you will discover that people WILL follow you. They will follow because you know your WHY and they “believe” in you!

The “Best” Leaders Take Honest Action

So, in the scope of becoming “the Best” Entrepreneur, home based business owner, and developing excellent leadership qualities, be sure that you will Take Action today and make this New Year the best year yet!!


  • Envision winning.
  • Commit to take your life to the next level.
  • Encourage others to do the same.


You never know! Just maybe, your OWN “Rose Bowl Win” is waiting for you around the bend.

I’ll see you on the Winner’s Stand.

Robert {Bryan} Anthony is a rising Certified Affiliate Online Marketer and Life Coach providing relevant solutions, mentoring, and value to home business owners and network marketers, encouraging them to create their own success story. He teaches how to Start a Home Based Biz using Integrity and Well-Sought after business training. Bryan builds strong, healthy relationships that work because he fully understands the meaning of Developing Excellent Quality Leadership and Strengthening Self-Mastery, Taking Action, and Building Positive Relationships where there’s commitment, loyalty, and trust!