Information overload has become a reality as the internet has opened the door to easy access to information as well as people being bombarded with websites, blogs, social networks and the like. fusionblog

As information increases, people’s attention spans decrease and reading becomes a chore. This is one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of videos and websites like YouTube — people like watching videos. Soon black and white text emails will become history and people will be communicating via video email.

The Future of Video Communication

According to comScore nearly 150 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 96 videos per viewer in December 2008. The popularity of online video has greatly increased, however, it still remains an untapped market. According to Talk Fusion, over 40 billion emails are sent daily, yet less than 1% of internet users have experienced video email.

The online video industry is one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to grow ten-fold in the near future. Talk Fusion has anticipated this trend and created an all-inclusive online video communication platform which includes video email, video conferencing, video auto-responder, video blog and other video communication tools. There are a few video communication platforms out there, however, Talk Fusion seems to be leading the way. omegawriter

Video Product Offering

Talk Fusion offers 7 personal and business video communication products as shown below:

  1. VIDEO EMAIL with ready-to-use, pre-designed templates;
  2. VIDEO CONFERENCING with no downloads or attachments required;
  3. VIDEO BLOG allowing you to share your mind through video;
  4. VIDEO SHARE enabling you to share videos on 200 social networking sites;
  5. VIDEO AUTO-RESPONDER that sends automated video response in real-time;
  6. E-SUBSCRIPTION FORM helps create and post a customized lead capture pages;
  7. FUSION WALL is the world’s first 3D social networking global community.


Simplicity of the Platform

I’ve personally used the Talk Fusion video communication platform and what I like about it is its simplicity as well as the cost. For example, in order to send a video message out to a friend, you choose one of the 400 pre-designed templates, speak into your web camera, enter the recipient’s email address and send the video message.

You can send video email for personal use like staying in touch with family and friends, celebrating special days of the year and special milestones, etc. Or you can use it for business purposes like staying in touch with your customers, product demos, sale announcements, invitations, corporate news, etc. For more info please visit these sites :-

You can post videos to websites and blogs, and watch them on your iPhone. There are no attachments or downloads required to watch the video email.

The Cost of Video Products

There are two Talk Fusion product packages, the Starter (US$175) and the Executive Package (US$375) – these are one-time costs. Additionally, there is a monthly fee of US$20. The monthly fee DOES NOT apply to countries like India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the U.A.E.

Talk Fusion has an Associate Program in which they share over 50 percent of its sales revenue with their associates.

Cost Comparison with Major Competitors

If you compare the cost for video conferencing (including online meetings and webinars) with competitors like WebEx and GoToMeeting / Webinar — there is a significant price difference. Talk Fusion charges $20 per month for unlimited webinar participants and up to 50 people for video conferencing, whereas the competition mentioned above charges between $49 and $499 per month.