My story begins while looking back to the year of 1998 when I was 45 years old. During this time I was living in Baltimore, Maryland and working as a Real Estate agent with Long and Foster Realtor’s, Inc. I was a Realtor and had been licensed approximately 20 years in the State of Maryland.

This had to be some of the best years of my life. These people have played such a wonderful role in my life. I will always be grateful for this. Also to witness and even to be a part of helping people with their real estate needs was such an honor for me. For me I find it very difficult to find all the best words that could describe the wonderful feeling and so much joy they gave me, the joy and excitement would pour from buyers and sellers after their housing needs were met, and this would really touch my heart. I reminded myself many times throughout my real estate career that when buying or selling a home it is probably one of the most important and emotional decisions people will ever make.

I met a Real Estate agent which was working part time in my office. Wow… she was beautiful and I felt like a lightning bolt hit me. We began dating and working together with a few transactions. After awhile she decided to do Real Estate full time and wanted to work with me.

At last the moment finally arrived and I ask her to marry me, she said YES. When our news leaked out some of the agents in our office planned a very nice wedding for us. So before very long we were married on November 18th, 2000; and The Elmore Team was formed.

My new bride Clare had a teenage son named Bryan from her previous marriage, Bryan was a really cool guy and seemed like he had all of his ducks in a row and we hit it off very well. Clare and I decided to buy a beautiful colonial home we found located in Harford County, Maryland.

Over the next few years life seemed really great for us, now we have a family and love each other very much, a beautiful home, a great career, and making pretty good money. We owned some nice cars, a very nice recreational vehicle. Clare came home one day and seemed excited, she began to tell me about these new homes that were to be built not very far from where we were now living. We completed our sales agreement with the builder, went home and put our house on the market for sale.

Our home was sold rather quickly, so we put most of our belongings into storage. At this point we moved into an apartment and waited anxiously for our home to be completed. Seemed like this process would take forever, but at last our new Carriage Home was completed and we were moved in and soon to be back to our normal routines. hollywoodfoodstyling

Now this is when my good life as I knew it is about to take a turn for the worse, and our world begins to get scary and some major changes would soon be taking place. My visit to our family Doctor and receiving some disturbing news, my Doctor shared the results of my test which I had prior to this office visit with him. My Doctor believed I needed to stop working because my health problems would continue to get worse. palosverdeslifestyle

So I leaned back and took a breath and said to myself, now what am I going to do. I tried closing my eyes and thinking things would work out just fine, after all… I have always been strong minded and able to accept a challenge and be in control, take it one step at a time with the best results not allowing the challenge at hand to beat me.

At this point I headed home and she greeted me as I came through the door. We both got comfortable and began discussing my Doctor’s visit, Clare seemed to be taking all of this better than I had expected. Together we decided that my being home more could be a good thing, our Boxer Dolly would have some company. So with that being said it was now declared I was officially disabled and she could handle the business.

Here we are now in the year of 2010 and the Holidays are quickly approaching and I was spending a great portion of my time home alone due to my health problems. Christmas had come now and we had a very nice dinner. It is now December 28, 2010 and I have a doctor’s appointment, a pre-opt visit for a procedure in the hospital approaching.

So I went for my appointment and since we only had the one car Clare stayed to work at home. My Doctor visit went well and after a good portion of the day was over I was finally on my way home. I arrived home and went in and said hello to Clare and she said hello and with her coat already on she picked up a bag and said she would be right back, I said slow down Clare what is so urgent. Don’t you want to know about my hospital arrangements? Clare told me she promised an agent she would take her something she really needed in a hurry. O k, I said be careful and I will fill you in when you get back. For more info Please visit these site:-

I took my coat off and started into the kitchen and the phone rang, I answered and it was Clare calling, I ask her if she forgot something and she said I’m leaving you John and getting a divorce, I will call you later and hung up. Wow, I didn’t have a clue I thought… what did I do to bring this on like this? What can I say, I was upset but what can I do. I didn’t even have a car now. So I went upstairs to change and immediately noticed a lot of things were missing, all of our files and check books, cash, her clothes etc. Now it was very obvious that while I was at the Doctors office someone had to have come into our home; and helped to carry our possessions out, and I knew I had our only car so she didn’t do this by herself.

So here it is on December 28, 2010 and my wife has a banned me and my life as I knew it was over. After a couple of weeks Clare called and said she was coming to the house to bring me some food and talk to me about our future. Clare had made up her mind, let me rephrase this, I believed Clare’s mind was made up with the help of someone else. Clare informed me she had hired an attorney and they would be contacting me with the details.

My Boxer Dolly and I remained here in the house through most of winter. It was a very lonely and cold winter, seemed as though spring was never coming. After some time had slowly passed by I called and talked with my Nephew Tim Elmore in West Virginia. Tim and his wife lived not very far from where I was born. They both said I could live on their property if could find myself a camper. I said OK and thanked them very much and said I would fill them in once I had the details worked out.

I began packing my things and was planning to move out of the house in the spring when the weather had cleared up some. So now the big day has arrived, March 14, 2011 and I am moving out. I have my things loaded up in a U haul truck with my faithful companion on the passenger side and I am on the road going home, back to my roots where I was born in 1953, wild and wonderful, almost Heaven West Virginia. I arrived later that day and would soon buy a camper to live in on my Nephew’s property.

Feeling as down as I could feel one day I began thinking about God. I thought maybe I was being punished, I knew I was far from perfect and nobody special. I thought over and over why God would let me suffer like this, why me, I tried to understand or find the answer but I couldn’t. There were these over whelming thoughts that came over me that is hard to explain but I knew at this point in my life with no uncertainty I needed to know God, I mean not to just know of God but to Know God. My mind was made up, come Sunday morning I was going to church.