In case you are tired of make up trials and refurbishing your wardrobe, one sure way to change is your looks is your hairstyle. Keeping trend with medium hairstyles is fun and brings a lot of confidence. nahls

Much can be explored in hairstyles subject to medium length. Take note of the shape of your face and begin. One needs to keep hair near the face for round face shapes primarily to give it more leanness by cutting the chubby cheeks. Square shaped faces need a prominent chin and hence hair should be away from the face. Oval and Long faces leave a lot to experiment.

Colouring of hair is a complete artform. Simple earthy colours give the ethereal glow. Magnetic appeal can be created with colours like yellow, golden. Autumn rust and mahogany hint on a strong feel. Pitch black on poker straight hair is always fashionable. Violet suits all face types and adheres to formal requirements too. For a grunge look highlighting with temporary colours like party pink, silver, sparkling blue will do wonders. Whatever the colour, photo yourself to proceed. Keep the skin tone in mind prior to experiment colour and use make up accordingly. Streaking is the best way for new try outs. Messipoker

For regulars, wear your hair loose or use little clips and play with hair partings. You will be amazed, how parting your hair in different ways can change your personality. For formals you could use a chignon, a head band or simply leave it as is. Curlers offer an array of curling styles; you can combine highlighting trends with curlers. Go on to shoulder length keeping the ends curled up. Big curls on  add volume. Iron if you may for the not so straight tresses. That offers an absolute discovery in hair do and a complete make over. Crimp you hair at intervals and be sure to colour hair accordingly. Do not end up looking too artificial. Soft perms are very feminine. preferablepups