LED or Light- Emitting Diode is now vastly used both for domestic and commercial purposes. Depending on the nature and color of the glass covering or the bulb, the colorful lights can be used to great effect. Moreover, they consume much less power compared to the conventional electrical lights, which has made it a favorite among many households. They also come with rechargeable batteries and they are used vastly for decorative purposes for delightful effects. The soft glow emitted by the light is also used for night lamps. They are used for children’s room and for disc lighting with equal efficiency.

There are a range of LED Night Lights available in the market and below are listed some of the few types which are the most popular:

LED Automatic Night Lights: These lights require no manual effort to switch on and off. They turn on automatically as daylight decreases in the evening and against turn off by themselves when daylight increases at dawn. For this reason they are very useful for children’s room and nurseries, nursery night light where the kids are too young to reach or operate the switches.

LED Color Changing Night Light: These lights too are a favorite among the children who love to see their room change color every now and then. They are also used in clubs and discs to create the desired groovy or cheerful effect. They come in a variety of shapes and colors which can be used to create the desire effect.

LED Rechargeable Night Light: These lights come with rechargeable batteries. So you can easily charge them and use them in places where there is no electricity. They are a favorite among trekkers and campers for their portable nature. Some of them can also be recharged by solar energy, which means you can use it for days even without any power outlet nearby.

LED Flash Light and Bulbs: LED Flash Lights and Bulbs usually come with rechargeable batteries and are brighter than ordinary bulbs and flashlights, although they consume much less energy.

LED Motion Sensor Night Light: The Motion Sensor Lights are very useful in dark places. You do not have to turn them on. They do so automatically by registering the body heat of a moving human and lights up. So when you return home to a dark apartment, you do not have to grope to find the switch. They will light up as soon as you enter the room.